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N Connect create strong, vibrant and exciting web sites, using cutting edge technologies and techniques

But that isn't the whole story.

While it's true that we think our web design skills are great, we also put a lot of work and effort into into web design and knowing and understanding our clients, their business and what they want to achieve from a web design. We think this is how web design should be.

A great web site, with a creative web design is worth little unless people can find it (see our search engine optimisation and web and email marketing services for some more information about getting your web site noticed) but once you get visitors, it is all about returns and conversions. A great web design for your web site will help you reduce bouce rates and a web design that is attractive will help people to stay and return.

We know that, you know that now, but most importantly, so do your competitors. That's why they invest in web design too.

Our web design approach and building the right web site

When we start a web design project, our most important resource is you, the client.

We know with web design, everybody likes different things, that's what makes the world such an interesting place, but we are strong believers in giving our clients all the tools they need to make the right choice for their web design.

This doesn't mean that we are going to make you like what we like in a web design. On the contrary. We accept your web design taste and will work to channel that into a meaningful and altogether great web design and web site that we and most importantly you can be proud of.

Setting the stage for a great web design and web site

We have a single, simple web design rule. Anything in web design is possible.

When we undertake a web design project, we have 3 things in mind.

  • Create something nice with your web design
  • Create something user friendly as your web design
  • Create something that works for your business in a web design

That sounds like a pretty simple plan when it comes to creating a web site from a web design doesn't it? I know what you are thinking, there must be more to web design than that? How can you get what is in my head, out on to the internet as a web design that easily?

Well here's how we make web design ideas a reality.

We have a very strong ethos when it comes to working with our parners and clients in web design. You can read a little more about it on our partnerships section.

We carry this idea all the way through with every web design, development and marketing project we undertake.

Basically, we take what we know about web design (which is a lot about web design, the internet, web sites, e-commerce and internet marketing) and add to what you know (which is a lot about your company, your services, your products, your clients and your industry) and mash it up into a team mind that, through strong communications with the right people (that's you and us), we can achieve any objective we want in a web design, pretty easily.

If you want to know about something in web design that only nerds would know about, that's fine, we'll tell you, but if you don't want to know anything about web design that's fine, because we know, and we are all part of the web design team. The team mind.

How does this impact different requirements for a web site or web design?

The simple answer is, it improves the whole web design process.

We will work on a web design within clearly defined guidelines and parameters, only when we are happy we have all the information we need for the web design, you are happy with what we propose to do as your web design and we have some clear objectives for the web site, web design and devlopment project.

This doesn't mean we are not flexible in our web design process. In fact, we would encourage people to take their time with what is actually a very important part of a business's toolbox. If you get cold feet about something in the web design or the way the site works, that's fine. We can work on putting the web design right.

We just want your web site or web design to be a great web site that works as hard as you do and really gets your clients, old and new, talking to you.

What happens when our web design and web site is finished?

A web site is never really finished. It will just be at a pre-determined milestone in its life.

We don't like to just do web design, build and implement a web site then walk away.

We know how dynamic and evolving the internet is, so we like to stay as part of the team, ready to roll when the need arises.

It is often the case that we can make recommendations for a web site or web design that are not appropriate at the initial stage of creation, but can be added later. It may actually be a considered strategy to have several stages in a web site's life or web design, each with a specific and incremental objective.

We really are that flexible with web design.

Starting a web design project with N Connect

Just give us a call or send us an e-mail about web design and we can have a chat about who you are, where you are at and where you want to be.

We don't rush into things with web design, because we think it is nice to take a little time to know and understand what is required for a web design before starting work on a web design.

We look forward to hearing from you about web design, so why not contact us.


Why work with N Connect?

That's an easy one.

We have a huge wealth of skill and experience, both in high-tech web technologies and business promotion on the web

We understand every aspect of a business on the internet, from strong imagery to selectively targetted promotion and marketing.


  • Now that's fresh


    A simple but strong design

    Featuring dynamic backgrounds for the home page, custom fonts courtesy of Google Web Fonts and a nice mix of great typography and subtle colours.

    A very fresh website indeed...

  • Colantotte


    An awesome site for an awesome product.

    The Colantotte range of Magnetic Ion jewellry provides a great source of colourful content against a strong dark background, really lifting this e-commerce web site off the page.

    There is a lot of content management as well as the usual number of extensive features in the back end of this site.

    Add to this a great movie tie-in to Avengers Assemble, we are really proud of our latest Super Hero!

  • Rehband Sport


    A neat and tidy design gives this busy e-commerce site a sharp edge that really packs a [visual] punch.

    Selling a wide variety of sports products was no problem with our e-commerce engine running the race. Add in a lot of options, cleverly crafted content and a simple, no fuss presentation, this site allows easy navigation, lots of information and a great experience for the user.

  • Panacea Life


    A truly beautiful web site,

    ...with a great balance between content and style

    If you didn't know it was for water purifiers, you'd probably guess it was? It includes lots of content management for product information, as well as general guides to health and wellbeing and also a small but perfectly formed e-commerce asset.

    This site shows a clever use of content, is easy to navigate and looks great! What more could you want from a web site?

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